Management Team

Management Team

by nmadmin

We have assembled a qualified and motivated management team to oversee the operations and activities of each hall. The aim is to provide our residents with an environment that is safe, and will enhance their university experience. You may contact a member of our team at the following phone number – (876) 665-1235.

Your management team:

  • General Manager – Mrs. Rose Hamilton
  • Chief Financial Officer – Mrs. Venetia Salmon-Monteith
  • Senior Accountant – Mr. Semour Millen
  • Operations Manager – Mr. Owen Johnson

Additionally Resident Advisors led by the UWI appointed Student Services and Development Manager Roger Bent provide management support focused on enhancing the experience and growth of residents through social and cultural initiatives.

The following are the Resident Advisors for the Leslie Robinson Hall

  • Aldeam Facey
  • Alan Mustafaa
  • Emanuel Quashie
  • Tiffany Anderson
  • Fradian Murray
  • Kissanne Brathwaite

The following are the Resident Advisors for the New Hall of Residence

  • Marc Collins
  • Aubrey Stewart
  • Romario Chevannes
  • Odain Murray
  • Nickard Swaby
  • Shafique Samm
  • Onica Grannum
  • Ackera Gowie