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“This is my first year in UWI and I haven’t seen any other hall with as many other Caribbean nationals as New Hall”  Joel Mitchell – host

“Although 138 Student Living comes fully loaded with top of the line amenities to cater to all students’ needs, the lure of 138 Student Living is the caring body of staff. This was evident in my case as I was undergoing some plights in the duration of my stay. I was not given the cold shoulder, but in lieu, provided with the support to help me through my difficulties. As a result, I was able to maintain my focus on what’s important, that is, the successful completion of my Master’s Degree.”  Emanuel Quashie – Resident Advisor

“The diversity of our hall here gives it beautiful culture that we can cultivate together. It’s like no other. It’s different. That’s why we’re the Phoenix, we’re going to rise, and we are dominating the university campus.”  Charrah Whittakker

“We had to collectively express gratitude to the entire group of persons who contributed to making our brief stay at 138 Student Living both successful and moreso, exciting.
Down to your auxiliary staff at the laundry, we were treated with what we have come to know as the ” Experience Jamaica” brand.
The hospitality shown was incomparable.”  
W. Andrew Bass

“Living at 138 is an awesome experience comparable to none….”  Avinash Ramkissoonth – 4th Year Medical Student