How to Get Around

How to Get Around

by nmadmin

Within a stone’s throw from 138 Student Living residences is the Student’s Union building which houses a supermarket, badminton court and gym and is the location for other student recreational activities.

No time to cook, there are various options available for you right on campus, and within walking distance of 138 Student Living.

If you want to go off campus, buses run on a shift system from the campus to commercial areas including Papine, Liguanea and the surrounding communities. Public transportation is also available outside the campus gates.

The UWI campus is very large and the academic buildings and amenities require students to get around by walking long distances. For the convenience of our residents, we offer a bicycle rental service. Students are able to get to class on time, visit friends in other halls of residence, and get to different activities or just ride to keep fit.

Not feeling well? For minor illnesses the Medical Centre is a 2 min. walk from 138 Student Living. However, for more serious medical needs the University Hospital of the West Indies is a 3 min. drive away.