138 Student Living adds 24-hour perimeter monitoring system

As part of its mission to consistently review and upgrade safety and security methods to make its occupants in three halls and flats on the UWI Mona Campus fully protected 24 hours a day, 138 Student Living Jamaica Limited has installed a new 41-digital camera CCTV system to monitor the perimeter areas surrounding each facility.

“The CCTV system complements other systems already in place and provides an extra layer of security, by providing 24-hour monitoring and recording of activities along the entire perimeter of our three facilities. In addition, the gates to each compound are fully automated,” said Cranston Ewan, CEO of 138SL.

The system has been designed, supplied and installed by Inception Technology Limited and will be controlled by one central monitoring system.  Additionally, all cameras can be viewed remotely by approved personnel.

Keyran Stewart, Senior Security Supervisor said: “The system is equipped with 2MP and 5MP IP cameras distributed in a way to allow monitoring and recording of activities throughout the perimeters and other general environs.  The system makes use of both wireless and fibre technology to allow seamless recording by the network video recorders (NVRs).”

“All cameras are equipped to enable night vision viewing, whether the area is lit or in full darkness. Also, the new CCTV system has motion recording and motorised zoom for greater effectiveness,” Stewart noted.

According to the senior security supervisor, the new CCTV system with all its specialised features will complement the 24-hour security personnel.

“In 2019 we implemented Proxy Click, a system that facilitates all visitors, contractors and other service providers to our facilities to be checked in electronically at the main gates of entry. This system ensures that we have an electronic log of the time that a visitor enters and leaves the facilities with the ability to store the identification of each visitor. We remain open-minded to explore robust automated systems that can help us to maintain a safe environment for our customers,” said Ewan.

The CEO also noted that with the implementation of the automated systems, together with the company’s highly trained and dedicated team of security officers – who are also supported by the UWI Mona Campus police – the company has a robust security and safety programme in place.  The team includes an Occupational Health and Safety Officer, who is also trained and qualified in security operations, first aid and counselling.

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